Sludge dewatering


The consequence of chemical/ physical waste water treatment is a separation of solids and liquids. The solids still contain a lot of water, which has to be removed at very high cost.

Our dewatering units result in a huge liquid solid-separation. This means that the waste quantity, and consequently the cost,
decreases enormously.

Beltfilter units

The Capacities vary from 50 – 400 ltr/minute.

Range of belt filters suitable for the separation of solids and liquids.

Sludge press

Capacities from 25 – 1.000 liters per badge

Sludge dewatering in badge form, by means of pneumatic press .

Filter presses

with a pressure of 15 bar and a counter pressure of 300 bar .

Automatic sludge dewatering in all industrial branches.

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