Ecofloc 125

Water treatment plant including pump and filtrate
water re-use possibility

The ECOFLOC de luxe is a compact water treatment plant in combination with a cleaning system for all kind of parts like brushes etc. it is designed to treat waste water using our range of flocculating products.

It is supplied complete and ready to use. The machine consists of an upper cleaning/reaction tank. This is equipped with an electric high speed stirrer which is controlled by electronic timer control. When the water in the upper tank is too dirty the stirrer is activated and Ecostatic is dosed by hand.
After the treatment is done and the timer has switched off, the drain can be opened. The clean water and the sludge are removed from the reaction tank and filtered prior to entering the lower clean water storage tank.

Any suspended solids are collected in the filter sack within the filter basket. Residual water from the sludge is filtered and collected in the lower tank. The collected water is ready to use again. When opening the tap to use for cleaning the pump in the lower tank is activated and brings the clean water up.

“This machine can be supplied
in every capacity

  • Reactor, material PP
  • Stirrer with timer
  • Cleanwater/sludge drain
  • Sludge dewatering container
  • Filtrate tank

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