Ecofloc 150

Wastewater treatment

The ECOFLOC is a compact water treatment plant designed to treat waste water using our range of flocculating products.

It is supplied complete and ready to use.
The machine consists of an upper reaction tank, capacity
70-150 litres. This is equipped with an electric high speed stirrer which is controlled by electronic timer control.
To reduce process time the unit features a manually operated separate clean water and sludge discharge system.

After treatment the clean water can be removed from the reaction tank and filtered prior to entering the lower clean water storage tank. Any suspended solids are collected in the filter sack within the filter basket.

During clean water processing the accumulating sludge is retained within the reaction tank. When all the clean water has been processed the sludge can be discharged into the filter basket. Residual water from the sludge is filtered and is ready to discharged or re-use.

“Waste water treatment plant”

  • Water based paint systems
  • Furniture industry
  • Metal industry
  • Packing and printing industry

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