Ecofloc | Semi automatic machines

Capacity 70 – 400 liters per badge

Cleaning of brushes, paint rollers, spray pistols, a.s.o. causes waste water. This rinse water is polluted with pigments, binding agents and solvents, coming from water based paints, inks, adhesives or heavy metals.

This water cannot be discharged without treatment and sludge separation.

Ecofloc 70


The Ecofloc is a compact water treatment system designed to treat waste water …

Ecofloc 150


This is equipped with an electric high speed stirrer which is controlled by a timer. …

Ecofloc 100 de luxe

De luxe

Combined cleaning machine- waste water treatment system. After having cleaned …

Ecofloc 150 de luxe

De luxe

The cleaning tank now becomes the waste water treatment tank in which …

Omnial | Afvalwaterbehandeling

Ecofloc 250


After treatment the clean water can be removed from the reaction tank and filtered …

Ecofloc 400


When all the clean water has been processed the sludge can be discharged  …

Omnial | Afvalwaterbehandeling

Ecofloc 400 RVS

De luxe

A large advantage of the Ecofloc 400 RVS is filtrate role lengthening …

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