Sludge press

The sludge press has been developed to press as much water aspossible out of the sludge.
This is done as follows:
The sludge is collected in a filter bag, which is placed in the dewatering container. The container is placed under the press. The sludge press has a security grid around the container; this is protected by a security switch to prevent the pressure plate
operating whilst open.

After closing a pneumatic switch is manually operated and one or more air cylinders activate the special pressure plate. The excess water is pressed out of the sludge. After a pressing time of max. 2 – 3 hours the pressure plate can be raised, the unit opened and the container removed. The sludge press is ready for the next container. To obtain a better dewatering the system is provided with a delay switch with 2 times, a pause time of 0,1 – 30 seconds and a press time of 10 minutes.

The sludge press is manufactured to a standard design. The unit is fitted with a 1/4″ compressed air connection and requires a working pressure of 6 bar. The air consumption is approximately 130 litres per double movement. The sludge press can be supplied with capacities of 25, 80, 100 up to 360 litres and purpose design units are available on request.

“In many cases the sludge press
can pay for itselfwithin a year.”

  • Sludge weight by 40 %
  • Sludge volume by 40 %
  • Cost of removal
  • Rent of waste containers
  • Waste treatment cost by 35 %

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