automatic wastewater treatment plant

These larger machines in the range are fully automatic and deal with higher volumes of wastewater. These machines are extremely compact and offer the optimal solution for continuous treatment of wastewater.
The following functions can take place:

  • Chrome-reduction
  • Neutralisation
  • Flocculation
  • Sludge/water separation
  • Dewatering

The optional wastewater pump is fitted for continuous waste water supply to the Ecosed. This is controlled by a flow meter. The wastewater is pumped into the reactor. The powder-dosing unit adds automatically the correct amount of Ecostatic. The treated water flows to the sedimentation tank. The sludge settles down and the rising clean water flows to the sewer or back for re-use. A sludge stirrer keeps the sludge fluid. The sludge is pumped to the belt filter or filterpress. The sludge is dewatered and ready for removal. The treated water can be drained off, or re-used.

“Automatic waste water
treatment plant”

  • Fully automatic
  • Capacity from 1 to 20 m³/h.
  • Simple operation
  • Low running cost.
  • Extremely compact
  •  Suitable for various wastewater streams
  • Re-use of water
  • Pre-treatment systems
  • Plating industry
  • Rinsing waters
  • Furniture industry
  •  Metal industry
  • Packing and painting industry

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